Not sure what to do with those old cups and teapots? Well with a little bit of imagination, they can easily be transformed into a Bird House or a Bird Feed holders for your garden area.


Are you still trying to get the message across about the growing impact of Plastic Pollution? Well here is a list of depressing statistics that you can chose from to mention in any communication to parents, families and staff to help inspire them to avoid single use products such as plastic bags, drink bottles, straws, etc.

Climate change will have “dire consequences” for children’s wellbeing unless urgent preventive actions are taken, according to Prof Fiona Stanley, WA’s leading child expert. Launching a report on the effect of climate change on children’s health on Sunday, she warned the impacts of inadequate action “verge on the apocalyptic” for children.

Natasha Sullivan the Centre Director at Goodstart Early Learning Centre Nambour tells us that the children at her centre on the Sunshine Coast have been inspired by Tim Silverwood from Take 3 to turn rubbish into art.

Natasha reports that the simple Take 3 mantra of taking three pieces of rubbish with you when you visit the beach is now well entrenched with the children who now urge their parents to pick up plastic bags, plastic bottles etc. as they can hurt the fish and birds.

August 2016 was the warmest August in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures by scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York.

We can all agree that camping out at music festivals can be a fantastic way to spend a few days, but we’ve probably all felt those pangs of guilt as we’ve piled back into the car on the final day only to look around at an apocalypse of rubbish that’ll take days to clear. Well the Caloundra music Festival in Queensland are showing the World how to host an environmentally responsible Music Festival.

Apple announced recently that it has committed to running all of its data centers and corporate offices on renewable energy, joining a group of other corporations committed to the same clean energy goal. Apple said it has joined RE100, a global initiative by influential businesses committed to using 100% renewable electricity. To date, RE100 has amassed membership from 77 corporations.